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Our Vision: In These Times....

In these times....It's time to do it differently...

Stewarding a Refuge from the pace and patterns of business as usual...  Practicing and Inspiring lighter footprints on the earth

Earth Built * Sun Powered

We are committed to living closer to the natural world…
in harmony with nature and more lightly on the earth using sustainable technologies.

SUN:  solar power, solar hot water, solar clothes dryers(!)

WIND: wind power, enhanced natural ventilation

EARTH: Natural building techniques, organic  gardening,  permaculture

WATER:  Natural well water, gray water recycling, harvesting rainwater

 From our Community Alliances (Covenants):

MISSION :  Stewarding a refuge from the pace and patterns of business as usual. Exploring ways to live simply, more lightly on the earth, in balance with nature and in harmony within ourselves and our community.

VISION: A community of neighbors where there is a shared interest and commitment to using less resources, producing less waste, producing our own renewable energy, and enjoying a more tranquil and sustainable life that enhances health and well being. We share land/open space that holds possibilities for growing food, gathering with friends, walking, sitting or practicing yoga in nature at a beautiful meditation vista. Our homes are modest sized, ideally built with natural materials such as compressed earth blocks, cobb, adobe, bamboo, etc, that are easier on the environment than more processed materials such as cement. We each have incorporated at least a few sustainable technologies such as photovoltaics, wind power, solar hot water heating, low impact development, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, etc. Living this way, perhaps we may be closer to the suggestion by Mahatma Gandhi to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

TONE: Smile!...It’s Mexico! Let it go...Relax! Tranquilo! Find your gratitude and let it be known. Ask periodically, “How can I do this with a lighter footprint?” Also, take the time to pause, breathe, sit in nature listen and let the sacred land speak to us. 

and here are some specifics of what exists that we enjoy:

  • Ocean Views, Jungle Views, Pastoral Views
  • Regularized Titled Private lots and Titled community land co-owned by members via a Mexican Non Profit
  • Solar powered off grid well and 20,000 Liters community water storage
  • Common Land: shared open space (almost 9,000 m2!) including organic farmland, food forest,  meditation vistas and jungle trails...open land preserved for tranquil spots to walk and sit in Nature
  • Beautiful wooden 15m2 yoga deck on the highest ground and best view for all to enjoy.
  • Superadobe Community Storage/Bodega 12m2

An Invitation:

Welcome to Tierra Luz

Maybe you'd like to live on this gorgeous land, out of the grind of the mainstream, more independently "off-grid" using innovative and traditional technologies that enable us to live more lightly on the land; and, do this with neighbors who support these values and activities.    We are looking for more like minded people to be our neighbors and we have just a few lots remaining.  9 houses have been built so far;  half of them with earthen building techniques such as Cob or Superadobe/Earthbag and all off the grid.      Sayulita, Mexico is a beautiful lively pueblo  with a gorgeous beach along the Riviera Nayarit, just a short drive from Puerto Vallarta; pretty easy to get to.  The weather is amazing and the skies are clear and blue most all year.  There is great surf at the beach, lots of outdoor activities to expore... and the water is warm!


Alfredo, Lorena, Jess, Alyssa, Atticus, Annika, Kelea, K'nich, Dave, Lucy,  Rene, Luli, Benito, Amparo, Tonya, Jim, Ashley, Ron , Taisuke, Brenda, Nayu 



Solar Panels


Happy Budha


Tierra Luz Land

Lot 17

Located front and center at Tierraluz, Lot 17 has beautiful views of the ocean, pastoral scene, jungle and the back side of Gringo Hill in Sayulita.   You could build on the east or the west facing slope of the hill to catch whichever solar exposure you prefer...afternoon sunsets or morning twinkling light through the trees.  So many possibilities with this lot!  It is 971m2/10451sqft and is priced at $130,000.

Ocean View from Tierraluz

From every lot at Tierraluz and from most of the common land you can see the ocean!  There are also views of a gorgeous pasture in front that ususally either has a few cows or a few horses in it!  To the south and east we have jungle views as we are officially in the town of Sayulita but right on the boundary so we are surrounded by jungle forest.  This actually is a zoomed view so it looks closer than it actually is.  We have seen whales while sitting on the community deck at the top viewspot on the land!  more photos of the views to come.

Lot 7

Flat buildable open lot at Tierraluz with a great Ocean and pastoral view.  This lot is next to community open space at Tierraluz and on the other sides are 2 beautiful completed earthen homes and the pasture land in front.  This lot is designed to have a small casita.  Price is $70,000 USD.

Fermented Green Tomatoes


My polish Mimi always had a batch of fermented green tomatoes going on her kitchen counter.  Full of probiotics and bio available nutrition it’s a fast and easy thing to do while you wait for all those tomatoes to ripen in your garden.  


FERMENTED GREEN TOMATOES AND HOT PEPPERS recipe from nourishedkitchen.com



20 mins


20 mins


Sealing Natural Plasters

When sealing our walls we really wanted something breathable to allow any moisture or water vapor to pass through the walls.  We experimented with soaking nopal cactus that we had planted on the land for 2 days mixing this with clay and using this a paint/sealer.  We only used this for internal walls that would not directly get wet.  Nopal Cactus is also a delicious superfood that we LOVE!  We also used a silicone based sealer that leaves the walls natural looking and breathable.  On the exterior we used an acrylic sealer called 5X1 this is very watery and goes on thin.

Walls of Earth

With the slab finished the walls are going up and up.  We are doing a mix of 80% earth, 10% clay and 10% cement in our bags.  We did a number of tests on our soil and this mix came up the strongest.  It's interesting that in our soil tests that adding more cement (20%) actually made the dried material weaker.  So with cement in earth bags more does not always mean stronger and better.  We are going for a good stabilized earth mixture that is strong but will still provide good breathability for the walls.