Wednesday 21, Mar 2018


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Ocean View from Tierraluz

From every lot at Tierraluz and from most of the common land you can see the ocean!  There are also views of a gorgeous pasture in front that ususally either has a few cows or a few horses in it!  To the south and east we have jungle views as we are officially in the town of Sayulita but right on the boundary so we are surrounded by jungle forest.  This actually is a zoomed view so it looks closer than it actually is.  We have seen whales while sitting on the community deck at the top viewspot on the land!  more photos of the views to come.

Lot 7

Flat buildable open lot at Tierraluz with a great Ocean and pastoral view.  This lot is next to community open space at Tierraluz and on the other sides are 2 beautiful completed earthen homes and the pasture land in front.  This lot is designed to have a small casita.  Price is $70,000 USD.

Cob Wall Sculpture

Cob is the most creative building material that I know of.  Once you have the mass of the wall for structural strenght, then there are all kinds of ways to make little alcoves, shelves, arches...and...ART!  You can build up the wall with cob and then add layers of earthen plaster ...and sculpt!  In these walls we put some clear onyx stone to let the sun shine though.

Natural Insect Prevention

Bugs are a big deal in the tropics..especially when you have a Palapa.  The general practice in the tropics is to spray heavy duty insecticides twice a year on your palapa to kill all the bugs.  We realize most all the commercial insecticides have super toxic neurotoxins and/or hormone disruptors that can buid up in our bodies and create illness down the road or immediately for people who are more sensitive...more harmful to children!   Most of these chemicals are not studied for long term ...nor are they studied for the synergistic

Fred & Laurie's Cob Home

 Laurie and Fred, founders of Tierraluz, started the vision and set up the lots, common spaces, and organizational and legal structures that are the foundation stones of our community in Mexico.