Sunday 25, Feb 2018


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Jess & Alyssa - Tropical Superadobe Roundhouse

So we've officially broken ground on our Superadobe Roundhouse! I can't believe this is actually happening!!!! The years of research and planning that it has taken to get to this point have been long but I believe it will be worth the wait when we are moved in with our soon to be growing family. That being said this project is an international team effort. Right now my husband Jess is construction manager/manifestor extraordinaire/jack of all trades living on the land down in Sayulita, Mexico. And I am Chief Engineer/Dreamer/Designer living in California for a few months while the construction starts. This division of labor is a big part of why this project is happening right now. A huge thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Edmondson for taking care of little Atticus and giving us the space to create our home. Onward and Upward!