Wednesday 21, Mar 2018


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Lots for Sale

In these times…It’s time to do it differently...

Go ahead…dare to follow your heart!  Join neighbors in supporting each other in ways to live with a lighter footprint on the earth.

We have titled land for sale so you can have a piece of earth in paradise to call your very own.

Three Titled Ocean View lots for sale (click on each lot below for more details):

Lot 7: $70,000 (400.3), Lot 13: $85,000 (400m2),  Lot 17: $130,000 (971m2).

  Your price includes 4% of your lot price going to a community fund to help purchase some additional common land.  A lot at Tierraluz is not comparable to other lots for sale in the surrounding area because you are getting a lot of additional land and structures that are all INCLUDED in the price of the lot!  These are community owned assets that are collectively owned through the vehicle of  of a Mexican Civil Association/Non-profit.  

These assets you will own include:

Tierra Luz

* More LAND! common ownership of 8750 m2/94,184sqft open space including jungle trails

* 2 Food Forests (Edible food trees/orchards), community field/play area, organic vegetable garden area, parking lot, green buffers

*  Bodega/Storage building (12m2/130sqft) and community tools

* Solar powered well, 20,000 Liter community water tank storage and water infrastructure

*Campsite with outdoor shower and compost toilet
* Playfield/lawn area, playground structure & walking trails around the land

* Beautiful wooden deck seated at the highest/best vista point of the land. We decided to reserve the highest point on the land with the widest views for the enjoyment of all.  From there you can look down into the deep jungle in back, and forward to open farmland,  the town of Sayulita and the Ocean. 

Sayulita is just a 40 min drive north of Puerto Vallarta so it's easy to get to. Tierraluz is just on the edge of town next to the jungle; so you can be in town/ beach in just a 10 min bike ride and then come home to commune with the butterflies and chachalacas (wile tropical turkeys!).

We hosted a Permaculture Course on the land in 2012 and have followed some of those principles and ideas.  We have  2 established Food Forests (orchards) on the common land now producing Passion Fruit, many types of Bananas, Papayas, Surinam Cherry, Figs, Pineapples, Noni, and lots of Moringa!  Never heard of Moringa?  Look it up!  It's a 'save-the-world' superfood that grows on trees!  We are open to the possibility of a good match eco-builder/investor person looking for a fun project in a hip location and could give a discount on more than one lot in that case. All the infrastructure hard work is is titled, we have a good solar powered well and 7 houses have been built...4 of them earthen homes!  Now it's time for the fun stuff...innovative sustainable technologies and ...enjoying the good life....eating tree- ripened fruit!


Lot 17

Located front and center at Tierraluz, Lot 17 has beautiful views of the ocean, pastoral scene, jungle and the back side of Gringo Hill in Sayulita.   You could build on the east or the west facing slope of the hill to catch whichever solar exposure you prefer...afternoon sunsets or morning twinkling light through the trees.  So many possibilities with this lot!  It is 971m2/10451sqft and is priced at $130,000.

Lot 7

Flat buildable open lot at Tierraluz with a great Ocean and pastoral view.  This lot is next to community open space at Tierraluz and on the other sides are 2 beautiful completed earthen homes and the pasture land in front.  This lot is designed to have a small casita.  Price is $70,000 USD.

Lot 19


 JUST SOLD!!  Lot 19 at Tierraluz is located on the eastern side up a hill overlooking the food forest/ orchard and behind it is native jungle vegetation. It has a wonderful ocean view and great sunsets.   A short walk from this lot up to the community platform/ yoga deck you can enjoy the best view at Tierraluz.    It is 481 m2 ( 5177 sq.ft.) and is priced at $75,000.  


Lot 13

Lot 13 has one of the best ocean views of all the lots that are not at the top.  To the north you see ocean, pasture and town of Sayulita.  To the West the view is through the canopy of tall jungle trees across to more jungle on the next ridge.  It is 400m2/4305sqft.  There is a 100m2/1076ft2 limit on the footprint of the home and overall 130m2/1399ft2 overall size(including other under roof) Price is $85,000. Photos coming.