Sunday 25, Feb 2018


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Fred & Laurie's Cob Home

What is "Cob"? It is a traditional building method used for hundreds of years around the globe and has withstood the test of time (see for some historical buildings and for some kool Cob homes around the world). It is like an Adobe mix of clay, sand and straw but instead of making bricks, drying them in the sun and stacking them, you make a similar mix and then just smush it up there while wet...and sculpt it. We did some of the walls with a modified version of a traditional Mexican building method called, "Bajareque" in which you build up a structure for a wall with wire mesh and recycled refuse materials such as broken scrap blocks and bricks, glass bottles, etc and then push the cob mixture into that and finally plaster the whole structure with an Earthen plaster. We designed our home to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor living experience possible in the Sayulita area..hence, the house has 2 large open patios for dining, lounging, yoga, parties, etc. The indoor space of the house is just 70 m2/750sqft but includes 2 bedrooms each with a private entrance. We have some blog entries coming soon with more of the "how to's and photos.

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