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Who are we?

Tierraluz is growing…we now have a wonderful community of exceptional people who have purchased their share of co-creating our green dream here in Sayulita.

Fred-LaurieLaurie and Fred, founders of Tierraluz, got this whole endeavor off the ground with a lot of idealism, hard work and a good dose of naivete that helped them keep one foot in front of the other while traveling a long road through the mexican bureacracy. They bought the land back in 2005 and finally have their home built in 2014...yea!!  They set up the infrastructure: the lots, common spaces, roads, well, water system, guiding principles and covenants (Alliances), Green Point system, and, the organizational and legal structures that are the foundation stones of our community in Mexico.  In a previous life still in this life (!), they created a small urban permaculture farm with a goat coop, chickens, (see Laurie and goats on Transitioning Whidbey You Tube …chicken run at 2:27mins and barn at 3:28 mins) earthen building/barn (Cobb, Earthbag, Light straw-clay), and vegetable garden (photos at that was a precursor to manifesting Tierraluz. Inspired by the world crisis on many levels and the fatigue from fighting the system to make change, they decided to plant seeds for the growth of new possibilities of living a better way on planet earth.  Fred has been the man pushing the papers....but what he loves most is the alternative energy aspects of "doing it differently".... and we are waiting to see him cruising town on his solar powered bicycle...or a horse!  Laurie is  Lorena here at Tierraluz and that is a fitting name because in Spanish "lodo" means "mud",  and "arena" means" sand".  Lorena can be found playing in mud and sand...which, with a little fiber thrown in, is what Cob is made of.  She is the designer/hands on wall builder of their Cob Earthen house and designed and sculpted the 3 cob wall sculptures and the sacred geometry marble art at their house and is a homesteading permaculture gal (certified Permaculture in the course taught at Tierraluz in 2012).  Laurie is also a massage therapist and Yoga Instructor,  Fred and Laurie hope that Tierraluz will continue to improve with age and throughout time continue to provide a lot of good healthy livin', good vibes, inspiration and an opportunity to "Be the Change You Want to See in the World".



Jess and Alyssa arrived to the jungles of Mexico from California over a decade ago.  They have spent time living under trees, building houses and conjuring up sweaty dance parties with their original Mexi-folk accordion and banjo music.  The couple moved to Tierra Luz in 2013 with a bus and a dream of homesteading, building a community and learning to live in harmony with nature.  They found Sayulita and Tierra Luz the perfect life classroom for themselves and their children.  Jess and Alyssa designed and built their super adobe round house mother ship over the past year using dirt and clay from the land and help from Alyssa’s degree in Architectural Engineering.  They have enjoyed experimenting with natural plasters, building glass bottle walls and learning how to install solar electrical systems. Jess wears the science hat in the family (graduating from Berkeley in Molecular biology) conducting experiments on water table and well levels with our 4 year old Home schooled son Atticus.  Alyssa loves all things natural.  She has spearheaded the food forest project on the land.  She can be found barefoot in the gardens propagating tree spinach or in her kitchen fermenting sweet potatoes from the land with baby Annika strapped to her back.   Annika is the first baby to be born at home on the land at Tierra Luz.  She can be found covered in dirt and chirping at the birds.  You can usually find Atticus on the land up in his favorite guava tree, fine tuning his nature clay plastering technique or working on new rhythms on his drum kit.  Alyssa and Jess’ house features a Musicroom where the couple hosts music jams, classes and general merry making. 

Sofia is a mexican chef ( ) and massage therapist who lives full time in Sayulita.   She attended part of the 2012 Permaculture Sayulita workshop at Tierraluz and is looking forward to building her eco home in the near future.

Kelea 'Kelea is an acupuncturist and yoga instructor from Santa Fe who just built a local brick home that will have a green roof soon.

Her son K'nich has his own look out loft with a view!


Mauro-AmintaAminta, Mauro,  Eluney and Annahi are Sayulita residents ( originally from Argentina and Switzerland) who own a jewelry store in town near the plaza..Synaia...beautiful hand crafted silver that they make themselves!  Mauro is currently our master Earthbag-Superadobe builder!  He built their beautiful superadobe home and is currently working on Jess and Alyssa's home as well as our new community bodega (storage building).

Dave-LuciDave and Lucy are a wonderful couple from Canada who have been steadfast supporters of the growth and vision of Tierraluz from early on.  See photos above of the gang! They are doing designs now and are talking about building sometime in the next year or two.

Rene, Luli, Bonito and Amparo moved to Sayulita in spring of 2014 and then immediately broke ground and built their beautiful Superadobe home in just 8 months and now live at Tierraluz full time.  Their children attend Costa Verde International School in Sayulita that has a special focus on Ecology and Sustainability.

Cam & Ellen have purchased in TierraLuz. They are from White Rock, BC, Canada. Cam and Ellen intent on enjoying their property up on the hill. Yoga and healthy eating are a priority.

Jim and Ashley are building their home now in 2015-2016..  They are from Vancouver, Washington and are excited to enjoy more time in the warn sun.


Ron is from Vancouver British Columbia and are all about bringing the vision and action of sustainable living to others.  Ron has created Sayulita Film School and is offering experiences for students to become inspired to live more lightly on the planet! 

We have a core group of certified Permaculture Designers as part of the community (Laurie, Alyssa completed the course at Tierraluz) and are committed to developing the land using permaculture design principles as much as possible.  For more info on permaculture, visit

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