Tuesday 23, Jan 2018


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Natural Plasters

When it came time to plaster our home we knew we wanted a breathable earth plaster to cover our superadobe walls.  We did some experimentation with clay that we excavated from behind our house. Earth plasters are beautiful but not at strong as cement plasters for this reason it is important to consider your house design before chosing a natural plaster.  We designed our house to have large 1 to 1.5 meter eaves over every wall to ensure that the walls would no get hit directly from rain.  We also decided to use mortar which is a lime and cement mix to stabilze our earth.

Fred & Laurie's Cob Home

 Laurie and Fred, founders of Tierraluz, started the vision and set up the lots, common spaces, and organizational and legal structures that are the foundation stones of our community in Mexico.