Tuesday 12, Dec 2017


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Walls of Earth

With the slab finished the walls are going up and up.  We are doing a mix of 80% earth, 10% clay and 10% cement in our bags.  We did a number of tests on our soil and this mix came up the strongest.  It's interesting that in our soil tests that adding more cement (20%) actually made the dried material weaker.  So with cement in earth bags more does not always mean stronger and better.  We are going for a good stabilized earth mixture that is strong but will still provide good breathability for the walls.

Thermal Mass vs. Insulation in the Wet/Dry Tropics

At first we were hesitant to build a super adobe structure in the tropics.  Not only are there concerns for humidity and rainfall but with the summertime heat you don’t want to create an oven to live in.  In colder to moderate climates you use the thick earth walls of a super adobe structure as a thermal mass that collects heat during the day and then radiates it back into the house during the colder night hours.  You do this by exposing certain walls and windows to direct sunlight during the winter months and with proper placement of eaves.  

Fred & Laurie's Cob Home

 Laurie and Fred, founders of Tierraluz, started the vision and set up the lots, common spaces, and organizational and legal structures that are the foundation stones of our community in Mexico.