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Meditation and Yoga Platform atop Tierraluz

We share 8500 square meters of common area and amenities like this Yoga and Meditation platform.  Our members can enjoy this peaceful retreat along with hiking trails and ocean views through all of our common areas, including our jungle South facing slope, the breezy peak of Tierraluz, and our North facing vegetable gardens. We have 2 solar powered community wells, water storage at the top of Tierraluz that gravity feeds water to the entire Eco Hood,and a community storage for the tools we maintain our land with.

playing field.jpeg

Open field at TierraLuz

This sunny and spacious field is part of our tropical food forest and is a gathering place for our community to enjoy potlucks, play music, dance, garden and just connect. Beautiful jungle hiking trails encircle Tierraluz. Adults and children gather here, live and play in harmony with nature. 


View of the Ocean

Beautiful views of the sea abound at Tierraluz from many of our corridors and trails on common area enhancing quality of life for all of our members and residents. 

Jungle view.jpg

Foothills of the Jungle

Tierraluz is surrounded  by Jungle on our East, West and Southern sides.

TierraLuz Alliances

TierraLuz is an Eco Community located in Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico. Inviting, exploring and co-creating ways to live more lightly on the earth, in balance with nature, and in harmony within ourselves and our community. We are bound together by a common vision embodied in our Alliances. Everyone that becomes part of our community embraces this vision.

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