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Here are some future homes

We have one Eco Home currently under construction on lot 16.  This casa has a beautiful Ocean and Pastoral view.

Casa Ladrillo Blanco_edited.jpg

Casa Ladrillo  Blanco

Under Construction -  House on lot priced at $475,000

Casa Ladrillo Grande is constructed with larger bricks that reduces the amount of cement mortar in the walls. The bricks are made by a local adobe / brick maker and they are not super fired as bricks are in the USA so there is a lower carbon footprint in their creation.  With this concept the building is shown finished in white. We are using these beautiful big bricks to create a very modern - rustic hybrid home which will be completely solar powered with the possibility of a grid connection at some point in the future, but not necessary.  This casa will be a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 kitchen, 1 bodega home with grey water recycling and and bio-digester.  The bottom floor 1 bedroom studio apartment is fully functioning with it's own entry, bathroom, kitchen and workspace, you have a place for your guests. The house is sited at the base of a 1000 square meter lot and has an incredible view.  The top of the lot has a grander view and allows for another smaller Eco Home.

Casa Ladrillo blanco top angle_edited.jpg

Casa Ladrillo - Blanco

Front Angle from above

This image of Casa Ladrillo Blanco is a perspective from slightly uphill and at a slight angle. While the image is shown as all white, we fully expect to have some of the beautiful brick exposed in certain places for a rustic / modern look.  Casa Ladrillo Blanco should be finished mid February, 2022 but the founder of TierraLuz will part with this home no earlier than mid June 2022.

Casa Blanca Ladrilla Palapa  angle back.jpg

Casa Ladrillo Blanco

Side from Back angle

This perspective shows Casa Ladrillo Blanco at an Angle from the Back. Here you can see the bump out Terraces off the side and in the back off the master bedroom.  Chances are we will do some exposed brick on this side of the building because of the more limited sun exposure.

Casa in Contruction: Developments
Casa in Contruction: Welcome
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